Friday, April 20, 2012

A Taste of Deception

Well, Mercury is out of Retrograde, but I am still feeling the affects.  I've been plagued by a shoulder issue for over a month that is slow to heal.  After going to several doctors and feeling as though I was loosing my mind over the whole thing, it has been determined I have tendinitis.  I thought for sure I was dying at one point, as the pain was excruciating and went all the way down my left arm.  I immediately thought, heart!  Turns out, I may have done this to myself in a variety of ways.  First, as a Libra, I have a tendency to jump head first into something full boar.  I began a regimen of yoga, as a way to get fit.  So, I have determined that exercise on the whole is bad for you.  Then, I began working with a lovely pair of shop owners.  While making jewelry for them and getting ready for Earth Stock (which has been postponed until 4/29 due to weather), I may have overworked my shoulder due to pushing too hard.  Those that make jewelry know we tend to sit in terrible positions, for long periods of time and subject ourselves to repetitive movements.  I'm certain this has only served to aggravate the condition.  During it all, I pushed myself to finish and ink and watercolor image of Snow White.  It is an image I drew last year, but have only recently decided to ink and color.  The reason is two fold.  One, I used to paint digitally.  Nothing wrong with digital painting.  I love it, but wanted to get back to a more traditional form of art.  My inspirations are primarily illustrations in ink and watercolor, and I felt a calling to explore this side of myself.  So far, I am happy with the results.  The other reason is I am submitting this piece to a juried art show.  If chosen, it will be featured along side other artist's interpretation of Snow White.  The cool thing is the show is in Detroit!  I won't be there, but my image will.  This will be the first time I have done anything like this and I am jazzed to the max.  Now that everything is just about done, I can take my work hat off for a bit and connect with the spirit.  My energy is zapped and I am physically, mentally and spiritually drained.  Been contemplating much these last few weeks, where I'm going, what I am doing, and who I am.  Scary stuff!  I feel a calling to explore a more natural path.  I've been looking into taking courses on Herbalism, Reflexology, and Reiki.  Of course, the practical side of me says go back to school and get your SLP in Speech.  But, the soul part of me is screaming for the healing arts.  Will have to see who wins out.  Anyway, here is a look at Snow White A Taste of Deception.  I've posted the original digital painting and the ink and watercolor painting for comparison.  Which do you like better?  The ink & watercolor is first and the digital is second.  I went with a different look on the hag than the digital.  I wanted her color to emerge from the mirror, as she is doing.  What is behind the mirror is the shade of the mirror.