Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Art/Old Art

Just finished up a new ink and watercolor piece.  Actually, it isn't new.  I created the image, Oceania last year.  I am just now getting around to giving it some color.  I decided to do something a bit different and perhaps a little radical.  The image is not the original and yet it is.  I have the original drawing for sale in my etsy store.  What I decided to do was duplicate the original onto 9x12 watercolor paper.  I then painstakingly went over in ink.  I then used watercolor pencils and gouache paint to give it color.  My intention is to create 5 of these pieces.  So, that being said, they are limited edition and rare.  It took me several days to complete this from start to finish.  I do not know when I will begin the second of the five limited pieces.  It could be a month from now, or a year.  But, my intention is five total and then no more.  The first one is available in my etsy store.  In my opinion, the first is always the best.  Prints are available of this image as well.  That being said, you can expect certain pieces to retire soon and other ink/watercolor limited edition originals to emerge.  Please go to to get a closer look at the image, as I have several detail shots posted.

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