Friday, December 23, 2011

I passed the test

Every year my son asks me what I like better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?  Each year my response is the same...Christmas Eve.  I love Christmas Day and the gathering of family, the ripping open of gifts, and eating until I throw myself into a food induced coma.  It's all great fun.  But, there is something about Christmas Eve that goes so much deeper for me.  It goes beyond any religious connotations.  I always find it to be a day or rather  an evening of introspection.  Perhaps it is a simple meal of potato soup...a family tradition held for many generations, or watching, It's a Wonderful Life.  I am not quite sure, but I never fail to take a moment to reflect on the past year and the ghosts of Christmas past. I suppose I do more of the same on New Years Eve, but New Years Eve is more about goal setting for the year ahead...for me at least.  I'll get into that in another blog.  While I expect much of the same feeling to wash over me this Christmas Eve as in years past, I do believe it will be much more soulfully important.  I use the word soulfully, because this year has been a year of soul changes, not only for me, but for the world as a whole.  We are in the midst of great change.  If you haven't noticed, just look outside your door. We are in the midst of a revolution within our soul beings.  We are rethinking and restructuring what we want out of life.  Even the earth is going though a rebirth.  Do we embrace this or hide in fear?  Remember, we are all going through this together.  Can we collectively come together and change this life with the power of our thoughts?  I believe we can.  So much of our past conditioning reflect the way we handle these changes.  It is in our DNA so to speak.  I used to think life was a "test".  Every time I was faced with a difficult challenge or situation, I was being "tested".  If I didn't pass the test I would have another test until I got it right.  Boy was I wrong.  I suppose you could say I had an ah ha kinda moment.  I suddenly realized life is not a test.  Life is what you choose it to be.  If you truly believe it is hard or that you are being tested all the time, then guess is, and it will continue to be.  I'm not saying everything is carefree and hunky dory right now.  I have my issues to work through, just like every one else,  but I'm not being tested.  Neither are you.  We are learning and evolving.  If you can step back for a moment and look over various times in your life when things were difficult and see how you reacted to those situations, you will find a pattern.  Did those knee jerk reactions or negative feelings ever change the situation?  I can bet they did not.  These behavioral patterns are the conditioning of our environment, our upbringing, and our history as a human race.  It is a cycle.  Can we break through it?  Absolutely!  Because, you are your own person.  You can own your own thoughts.  You can own your own direction in life.  You can do anything you set your mind to.  You are capable of achieving momentous things, just by the power of how you think, feel and respond.  Those thoughts and feelings are yours to own.  They don't have to come from somewhere else, previous patterns, or conditioning.  You can let all the ghosts of the past go.  I know I will this Christmas Eve.  So, that is my Christmas gift to me...and perhaps to you as well.

I wish you all a magical Christmas!

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