Monday, December 31, 2012

Something Wickedly Warped this way comes...

The other day, I was bored out of my mind....actually, no, that isn't right.  My mind was flooded by a flurry of creative ideas.  Honest to God, it was like a download on a computer.  I couldn't stop the pace.  I love when that happens, and hate it at the same time.  So many wonderful things are on the to do list for 2013.  I plan to get started as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I was fooling around with some distortion affects on my computer.  I came up with some really cool images that I have decided to call Wickedly Warped Art.  I plan on making prints of these for sale.  I have a few already listed in my etsy shop.  Not all are swirly.   It was so much fun, and it gave me such a different perspective of my artwork.  Hope you like what I've done.

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